Why are there so many different lists of exams?

Why are there so many different lists of exams?

Presently, exams are used for different purposes, to serve as an end of program technical assessment, to serve as an assessment connected to teacher evaluations, and/or to serve as a Multiple Pathways to Graduation (4+1) Career Pathway exam.

The following testing providers offer assessments across multiple career sector areas:

NYSED Assessment Lists (4+1 and Teacher/Principal evaluations)

Lessons learned:

  • Making decisions regarding technical assessments at times may become a challenge. While there are numerous assessments available not all assessments are created equal. School leaders must take into consideration a host of factors such as the value of the industry credential for the students’ future employability, the cost of the assessment, and whether or not there are other viable options for the program’s approval.
  • Many school leaders build in stackable credentials so that students will graduate college and career ready with viable industry certifications as well as exams to qualify for the CTE Pathway to graduation and to earn the CTE technical endorsement.