Can citywide industry commissions serve in place of the school-based advisory boards?

Can citywide industry commissions serve in place of the school-based advisory boards?

NYCDOE CTE has developed 8 industry commissions to assist schools with the continuous improvement of their programs. The industry commissions work to develop and review curricula technical assessments, validate employability skills, provide professional development through teacher training and externship opportunities, and coordinate work-based learning opportunities for students. For the purposes of program approval the NYCDOE CTE Industry Commissions may serve as the advisory board for actively engaged school members (i.e., CTE School Administrators, program coordinators, and teachers) with CTE programs of study.

While the work of the commissions is similar to the functions of a school-based advisory board the industry commissions serve as an opportunity to promote inter school collaboration and learning. For many schools with strong partnerships school level advisory boards offer additional resources to address site specific needs. We recommend all schools engage the community and industry partners through school-based advisory boards.

8 Industry Commissions: Automotive and Transportation, Business and Finance, Construction and Sustainability, Culinary Arts/Hospitality and Tourism, Media Technology and Design, Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Robotics

For more information on attending an NYCDOE CTE industry commission meeting, please visit us at NYC CTE: Information for Industry Partners

Lessons Learned:

  • Historically, amongst the most successful CTE programs which maintain program approval and continually show improvement their progress is directly connected to the integral support provided by industry partners. Many of the industry partners are frequently CTE program alumni who return to support the program.