How long does the program approval process take?

How long does the program approval process take?

The time needed to complete the approval process varies from program to program and is contingent upon many factors (i.e., self-study team preparation, validation of supporting documentation, recommendations following the external review visit, and the NYSED review process). Generally, program approval, provided the above factors are addressed, can be obtained within a school year.

First Approvals

Newly developed programs must be implemented for a minimum of 2 years prior to applying for approval. General guidance for schools is to prepare the self-study of their program in time to submit a complete application during the third year of operation and/or during the fall of the 4th year depending on the length of the program and the number of years it will take for the first cohort of students to complete the sequence. First approvals should aim to submit complete applications in the fall ahead of their first graduating cohort.


For programs that have already earned approval the re-approval process must be completed prior to the date of expiration of the program’s approval period. The NYSED has established a deadline of June 30th during the final year of a program’s of approval. (The end of the 5th year.)